Friday, 15 May 2009

Matt Smith talks Time Lords at Cannes...

"Travelling through universes in the TARDIS??" Whaaa?? It's getting closer, fans.... After a few months of quiet as we adjust to the fact that David Tennant's on his way out, new Doctor Matt Smith is raising his head above the parapet again and starting to talk about his forthcoming role in the next series of Dr Who, due on screen in March 2010. He's currently at Cannes, promoting a short film being premiered at the Festival. Some BBC bod or other caught up with Matt and he spoke of his career and the new role which will change his life. Here's the interveiw as broadcast on the BBC news Thursday night... And keep your eyes peeled for set reports, pics and videoclips here on Stuff when Matt takes the streets of glorious Cardiff filming his first episodes! My eyes is peeled!

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