Wednesday 8 October 2008

Torchwood Location Filming 8th October - Run, Ianto, Run!! - EXCLUSIVE set report and VIDEOCLIPS!!! ONLY on STUFF!!

Filming continues on Torchwood 3 with a block of low key sequences being filmed in the area around the Millennium Centre and the Welsh Assembly and then at the Wharf area where the Information centre Torchwood exterior is located. Hugely busy tonight - the crowds are out with a venegance and it's all pretty good natured with everyone keen to see John Barrowman (even if he appears just to film one very quickly dialogue-free sequence).

The action - such as it is - starts in the pedestrian area between the Millennium Centre and the Assembly Building. Here Gareth David-Lloyd, his suit dusty, runs down the street away from an armed guard who fires at him - the gunfire signfied by the actor portraying the guard shouting "Bang!" very loudly (see first videoclip). Small flash-charges in the street will show the bullets hitting the ground in the episode on screen and obviously the sound FX of the gun will be added in the dub! After much hanging around (videoclip two) the scene is recorded several times and then the crew move a few feet away to the Assembly Building itself (with Gareth telling his watching fans they must be mad for standing in the cold - see videoclip three). Outside the Assembly the Any Effects crew damp down the street for effect and Gareth is seen running along the side of the building, skulking around a corner and then rushing off up the steps (videoclip four). The unit ups sticks - and everything else (and I almost walk into Gareth David Lloyd who is now wearing a big anorak and is on his mobile and who I don't recognise as I trail after the unit!) - and moves a few hundreds yards to the Wharf-front area where the exterior Torchwood Information centre entrance is set at the water's edge. Much excitement from the crowd as John Barrowman appears, does a little dance, laughs and jokes and finally performs his one scene several times - strolling along the upper wharf area past two pedestrians (extras) and then down some steps to the waterfront itself. Then he's off for the night!! An actor's life, eh!! (videoclips five, six, seven).

John's away and the lovely Eve Myles (opinion's everyone - a security guard I speak to tell me she's the nicest woman he's ever met!) appears. I'm leaning over a rail trying to explain to a couple of women who Eve is - "She's in 'Belonging'!" - and Eve films a quick scene where she runs out from the Torchwood entrance along the wharf (final videoclip). It's getting colder and time is spent making Eve up for further sequences. I make my excuses (to no-one in particular - or, indeed, at all!) and slip away, my work done for the night. Enjoy!
BANG! BANG! Run, Ianto, run!!

Hanging around

"You must be mad..." Quite probably...

Ianto: He can run, he can skulk...

Captain Jack is on the case

Striding about

John Barrowman gets touched up. Sorry.


Gwen Cooper does a runner from Torchwood


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