Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Dr Who Christmas Special...the first official photo

Christmas is coming and so is the 2010 Dr Who Christmas Special. The BBC's publicity machine is starting to crnak up now with the episode's transmsision just four weeks away. You'll have seen the official trailer which debutted during the BBC's Children in Need marathon last Friday and now the first publicity stills have been released (nicely timed to coincide with the show's 47th birthday today - 47!!!). The episode is entitled 'A Christmas Carol' and stars Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins as well as the usual TARDIS trio of Matt Smith as the Doctor, Kary Gillan as Amy Pond (Williams?) and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams. Transmiion date and time yet to be confirmed but from past experience we're looking at either 6pm or 7pm on Christmas night. Here's the main publicity shot to whet your appetites....if that atmospheric, Tim Burton-esque trailer hasn't whetted it enough already...click on photo to embiggen!

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