Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Coming soon....Primeval season four!

Yes, yes we all know it's ITV's answer to Dr Who/the poor man's Dr Who (delete according to opinion) but it was good news indeed last year when reality-obsessed ITV decided to enter into a co-financing deal to allow production of a further 13 episodes of their entertaining monster romp drama 'Primeval' despite disappointing ratings for season three back in 2008.

Due to screen early in 2011, the first half of the season will debut on ITV1 and the second raft will screen later in the year first on non-terrestrial channel Watch (which not many people do). The first trailer has been released and it's looking good, if more of the same. Here's star Andrew Lee Potts getting all excited about still being in employment as he 'bigs up' the new season. RAAARGH!!!

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