Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New Dr Who logo revealed!!!

So here it is. Revealed officially online this morning at 8am (and I forgot to take a look at it until about 2pm!!) here's the all new, all shiny and fresh logo for the soon-come fifth series of Dr Who, starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillen. This is the logo which will be adorning Dr Who merchandise for the next few years, replacing the familiar eliptical logo the show has used since its return in 2005.

The Dr Who fan community often gets in a right old tizz about things like this - too much lens flare, too flat, too big, too tall, too squat - but to Stuff it looks like...well, a logo. I don't tend to get worked up about things like this; it's some words in a shape, after all. But it looks cool, modern, new and it does its job well. Here's to it.

What do you think of the new Dr Who logo? Over-react or under-react as much as you like...leave a comment and let me know what you think!!


Cameron Yarde said...

Where did you get that version of the logo with the DW in the middle Paul? I like that one.

I like the new logo. It's a real grower. What will make or break it in some fans eyes, in my opinion, is how good the title sequence will be that it'll feature in.

The blue diamond logo away from the classic Tom Baker/Pertwee titles is fairly bland...but in the titles it achieved iconic status.

Paul Mount said...

I found it on the SFX Magazine website, if i recall correctly. I think I prefer it to the 'block' one we've seen elsewhere. But as you say, the test will be how it looks in action, on screen. Mind you, at the end of the day it's just a logo - it's the content of the show that counts!!

Cameron Yarde said...

I agree. This version works better. I think they might use it for Doctor Who Magazine and the BBC's Doctor Who website.

Once the new series starts I think we'll be so interested in that nobody'll care about the logo. The titles need to be amazing though to really bring the viewers in. I can't wait to see those. :-)