Monday, 5 October 2009

Dr Who location filming clips - October 5th 2009!!

After a relatively quiet period in the production of the fifth series of Dr Who (or first as the production team are apparently calling it!), this time starring Matt Smith as the all-new eleventh Doctor, the crew have been out and about at locations all over South Wales in the last couple of weeks filming sequences for the new episodes. This week they're on Stuff's doorstep - more or less - filming for four days in and around the picturesque Llandaff Green area, in the shadow of the impressive Llandaff Cathedral. The episode currently being filmed is the first in the new series (episodes three, four and five at least already 'in the can' - see how comfortable Stuff is with these technical terms!) and with Smith and his new companion Karen Gillen (playing Amy Pond) presumably comfortable in their new character skins, it's time to tackle that all-important first episode. Title and plot are pretty much a mystery but photos taken in the last day or so (they'll be all over the net by now) see Smith in a distressed version of his predecessor's familiar pin-stripes and his companion in an eye-catching Police woman uniform complete with mini-skirt!! Yikes! They don't dress like that in The Bill! Rumour has it Amy's off on a (fancy dress) hen night when she meets the newly-regenerated Time Lord... Stuff missed most of the big scenes being filmed today (curse you, work!) but pitched up on location at around 5.30pm, trusty little video camera at the ready, and managed to capture a few videoclips of the action. As usual, apologies that these aren't exactly broadcast quality but hopefully they'll give you a bit of the flavour and atmosphere of what's been going on this evening and won't be too spoilerific for those of you averse to knowing what's coming up... First up, there's something in the sky, it's transfixed the locals and they're gazing at it through their camera-phones? Who's Marcello? What's Bosley the dog got to do with anything?

Next up it's TV's Matt Smith appearing back on set. It's 6pm, the light's threatening to fade and Matt's ready to film. That's him in the middle pacing about in a Big Coat to keep out the Cardiff chill. Wuss.

And finally after a few moody close-ups, Matt is joined by Karen. The natural light is boosted by a big illuminated white screen and the pair rehearse and record a dialogue scene with Smith crouching on his haunches and finally getting up to look along the green and make a disparaging remark about humanity. Quite right too. It's a wrap and the pair are bundled off into their swanky car and whisked away into the night, Smith pausing to hurriedly sign a few autographs. What a nice man. David who???

Check out Stuff again later this week for more filming reports. Also don't forget that the new Doctor Who TV logo is due to be unveiled on the official BBC Dr Who website (whatever that is) at 8am tomorrow. It's all happening!!

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