Thursday, 9 August 2012

Torchwood's back!! Read all about it...

After the lukewarm response to last year's fourth 'Torchwood' series, 'Miracle Day', you'd be forgiven for thinking that we might have seen the last - for now, at least - of the indestructible Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and co. Apparently not though - the franchise lives on in book form and this new novel, written by Jack-tor John Barrowman and his sister Carole (they previously collaborated on a well-received children's book, 'Hollow Earth', itself in the frame for a TV series next year) is on its way. It certainly evokes the 'global conspiracy' style of the last two series of the TV show... It starts with a series of unexplained events. Earth tremors across the globe. People being driven insane by their heightened and scrambled senses. And the world is starting to notice – the number one Twitter trend is #TheLoco. Governments and scientists are bewildered and silent. The world needs Torchwood, but there’s not much of Torchwood left. Captain Jack has tracked the problem to its source: a village in Peru, where he’s uncovered evidence of alien involvement. Back in Cardiff, Gwen Cooper has discovered something lurking inside the Torchwood software – something alien and somehow connected to Jack. If the world is to be restored, she has to warn him – but she’s quickly becoming a victim of the madness, too! Torchwood: Exodus Code is released in hardback in the UK next month.

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