Thursday, 25 February 2010

New SFX Magazine

With the UK Sci-Fi Magazine roster now down to just two titles, one of which is the risible, Dr Who-sniffy Sci-Fi Now (laugh at its dreadful writing and clumsy lay-out) we turn to the still rather excellent SFX Magazine for our monthly fix of sci-fi news, reviews and interviews etc. Big format genre mags are a bit passe these days when their news reporting is weeks old by the time magazines see print and reviews and comment are freely available all over t'internet, but SFX still keeps the flag flying for enthusiastic reporting in the field and the magazine cheerfully ploughs its own furrow month after month. The next issue, due out on March 10th, not unreasonably glories in the forthcoming return of Dr Who with a very lovely exclusive 3D cover and what promises to be an extensive behind-the-scenes feature with interviews with the new show's major players. Meanwhile, the 3D cinema trailer is being aired regularly in its 2D form on BBC1 (as well as a slightly shorter 40-second version) and a more enticing series trailer is due to start screening mid-March.

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