Thursday, 17 September 2009

She's back...The Sarah Jane Adventures series three airs in the UK!

Thursday October 15th is now finalised as the launch date of the first episode of the much-antipated third series of the children's Dr Who spin-off 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' starring Elisabeth Sladen as the classic Dr Who series companion in the third run of her own adventure series. This year the show's transmission format has changed a bit with CBBC screening two episodes across two afternoons - Thursdays and Fridays - in a slot yet to be confirmed but likely to be around 4.35pm. This means that the whole twelve-episode series will be done and dusted across six weeks. After the slightly-disappointing second series it's to be hoped that the show's mojo will be back in this new run, again executive-prduced by Russell T Davies and with scripts by Phil Ford, Joseph Lidster, Gareth Roberts and Rupert Laight. The signs are good as there's a lot to look forward to this year. SJ is again joined by her own Scooby gang - her adopted alien construct son Luke, his schoolfriend Clyde and their neighbour Rani. The series starts with the two-part story 'Prisoner of the Judoon' which sees one of Dr Who's interplanetary rhino Police coming to Earth in search of a reptilian alien renegade called the Veil. But all eyes are on the third story, 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith' in which our heroine apparently gets hitched to a smooth charmer played by Nigel Havers. But is the new man in SJ's life all he's cracked up to be? And will the old man in SJ's life - a certain skinny Time Lord - show up to celebrate the nuptuals? I don't think it's a huge secret that David Tennant crops up in a substantial role in these two episodes, a nice bonus for fans still dreading Christmas and the last salute for the tenth Doctor. SJ's faithful black-hole protecting robot dog K9 joins in the fun this year too, appearing intermittently across the series. Here are the series three episode titles in full:

Prisoner of the Judoon (two episodes)
The Man Woman in the Attic (two episodes)
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (2 episodes)
The Eternity Trap (2 episodes ) guest starring Floella Benjamin who has appeared in two previous Sarah Jane yarns
Mona Lisa's Revenge (2 episodes) - guest starring Suranne Jones, Jeff Rawle
The Gift (2 episodes) - guest starring the voices of Simon Callow and Miriam Margoyles

A fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is expected to go into production next year and series two is released on DVD in the UK for reappraisal on 17th November (see cover above)

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