Tuesday, 2 June 2009

DVD coming soon: Fireball XL5!!!

An interesting new DVD release of a true cult classic, coming your way courtesy of Network DVD on 29th June. Already-released some years back as a bare-bones DVD set, Gerry Anderson's classic puppet sci-fi show 'Fireball XL5' is on its way in a glorious new extras-laden six-disc set complete with, intriguingly, a colourised version of one episode. A clip from this colourised edition appears at the bottom of the following extract from Network's press release for the boxset and Stuff hopes to have a review online in time for the release of the set...

One of Gerry Anderson’s most cherished fantasy series. FIREBALL XL5 SPECIAL EDITION (U) is available to buy on DVD on 29th June 2009, RRP £59.99. This 6 – disc set includes all 39 episodes from the iconic series, complete and uncut plus exclusive extras including a 60-page book and new documentary.

The year is 2062 – 2063, the peace of the universe is maintained by World Space Patrol’s finest rocket ship, the eponymous Fireball XL5. The memorable crew comprises of the glamorous doctor Venus, middle-aged navigator and engineer Professor Matthew Matic and Zodiac’s co-pilot Robert the Robot, whose fantastic characteristic being that he is transparent, and bears the voice of creator Gerry Anderson himself. This brave, gallant crew is led by the heroic Colonel Steve Zodiac. They explore various exotic planets and other life forms and protect the innocent from sinister intergalactic villains such as Mr. and Mrs. Space Spy.

Since the programme’s very first transmission on October 28th 1962, young audiences – not to mention a good number of adults – all over the world were held enthralled by the adventures of Steve Zodiac and his crew. Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation marionettes were first introduced in Four Feather Falls (1960), and since then a wondrous tradition in entertainment was born. The marionettes were used again and again in immensely popular children’s shows such as Supercar, Thunderbirds. This release will appeal to all who are fans and is also set to convert a good number of new viewers, who have yet to experience its magic.

A Wonderland of Stardust: a brand new documentary about the making of Fireball XL5 featuring contributions from creators Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson, as well as numerous members of the crew including David Elliott, Alan Pattillo and Brian Johnson
Drawn in Supermarionation: This new, exclusive documentary chronicles the comic strip adaptations of the early AP Films series and features contributions from director of merchandising Keith Shackleton and artists Bill Mevin, Mike Noble and Colin Page.
A Day in the Life of a Space General: A brand new, colourised edition of Fireball XL5, taken from a new HD transfer of the original film elements
Bill Mevin’s Supercar Home Movie: Previously unseen footage filmed by TV Comic artist Bill Mevin during production on Supercar
Special limited edition packaging
Zoom ice lolly commercials
Image Galleries
PDF Material
60-page book written by TV historian Andrew Pixley.

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