Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Easter TV Preview 2: Dr Who's scariest monster?

Much (well, some) has been made in the UK press about "the scariest Dr Who monster ever", set to appear in this Easter's sixty-minute Dr Who special 'Planet of the Dead'. Reliable UK tabloids (sarcasm mode engaged) promised terrifying fly-like aliens which, it was suggested, might even reappear throughout the rest of the special episodes this year/early next year (which seems unlikely now though). You may already have seen some of the pics of this new monster, the Tritovore, which have been springing up on various sites and forums (and you can go directly to to the images - and more - by clicking on the post title immediately below). But in case you're too lazy and want me to do all the work for you, here's a pic of Dr Who's new alien. Scariest ever?? Whaddya think, Stuffers?

Er.....Can I come back to you on that one???

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