Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Dr Who Exhibition re-opens in Cardiff...

The last time I visited the popular Dr Who Up Close Exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff was back in May and whilst it was fun - the Weeping Angel from 'Blink' was particularly well-presented and creepy - the whole thing looked a bit tired and dusty and need of an overhaul and some updating.

Which is exactly what's happened. The Exhibition reopened last Thursday (I wasn't actually aware it had been closed) and, considering the fairly limited space available, organiser Martin Wilkie (son of Bernard, FX designer for Dr Who back in the 1960s) and his team have worked wonders by making the exhibition zingier, spookier and altogether a far more professional looking proposition. The most recent series is now well-represented byu superb displays from the Dalek episodes at the end of the series - even the Red Dalek is present in full rant mode, there's a curious-looking Sontaran and some costumesa and props from last year's Christmas special 'Voyage of the Damned' amongst others. There's more interactivity, better lighting and overall presentation. It's really worth a look even if the gift shop's shrunk a bit and its range of goodies isn't exactly comprehensive.

The opening ceremony itself was fun. A large crowd gathered around the sealed entrance as Wilkie himself made a heartfelt if rambling introduction before Russell T Davies whipped the crowd up with a few warm, witty and well-chosen words before two Cybermen burst out through the styrofoam doors in a style reminiscent of 1980s Dr Who episodes ands then clumped about terrifying small children and amusing some adults.

Stuff recorded the ceremony on video and hopes to post the clip here shortly (it's a loooong clip) and is also endeavouring to get some photos of the exhibits loaded up shortly.

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